How does Avalon/New Jersey calculate my property taxes?  The New Jersey League of Municipalities, for which Avalon is a member, has prepared this easy, user-friendly guide to navigate through your tax bill and tax regulations in New Jersey.  You may view this guide here:  A Property Owner’s Guide to New Jersey Property Tax Calculations and Regulations

Post cards will be sent out in 1st of February of the current year and will list assessment for that year. Information about the Appeal Process will appear on the back of the card.

The 2021 tax rate was $0.547 (municipal, county, open space, library and school combined) per $100.  The 2022 ratio is 83.36%.

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Brenda Camp,CTA
Tax Assessor
(609) 967-5939 /

Merri Keating
Assessing Clerk

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM


Frequently Asked Questions

Change of Mailing Address
We require that all requests for Mailing Address changes or requests for 200-foot mailing lists be in writing. Please use the forms below and email them to any of the three individuals on this webpage, or mail requests to the Tax Assessor’s Office, 3100 Dune Drive, Avalon, N.J. 08202.


Property Tax Relief Programs Available to Avalon residents

  1.  Veterans’ deduction:  Qualified veterans of the United States who served in time of war may be entitled to a yearly deduction of $250.00 on their property taxes. Required documents include Service Record, DD214 and identification (driver’s licence, voter registration, etc).  For claim by surviving spouse of a veteran or service person, the veteran’s death certificate and proof of New Jersey residency at the time of death.  For claim by 100% disable veteran and for surviving spouse of 100% disabled service person; DD214 and Letter of Declaration from the Veterans’ Administration.
  2. Senior Citizen and Disabled Persons Deduction:  Persons over the age of 65 and 100% disabled persons of any age may be entitled to a yearly deduction of $250.00 on their property taxes.  Person aged 65 or over permanently and totally disabled, or the surviving spouse of a person over age 55 and totally disabled must have annual income not to exceed $10,000, not including Social Security payment.
  3. Because there may be exceptions to the rule, each applicant should confer with the Assessor about their eligibility, thank you.

Property Tax Deduction Forms

Vet Deduction Form

Senior Deduction Form

NJ Division of Taxation – Local Property Tax Forms (