By submitting this form to the Borough of Avalon, I am agreeing to participate in the Emergency Telephone Contact Program. I accept, understand and agree that this is a voluntary program administered at the sole discretion of the Borough with no guarantees, warrantees or promises of any kind made by the Borough to me or my family or business and that the Borough may occasionally test the system at the Borough’s sole discretion. I accept, understand and agree that the Borough of Avalon owes no obligation to me, my family or business as a result of my participation in this program and I herby waive any claim or cause of action whatever nature and whenever occurring as against the Borough of Avalon, its officials, employees, agents and/or volunteers that may in any way relate to this program.

To PERMANENTLY remove a telephone number from the emergency telephone call
system, Fill out the contact form and list each ten-digit telephone
number(s) to be removed.
*To re-add the SAME number in the future, you MUST fill out this same
contact form and specify to be re-added to override the DO NOT CALL feature.

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