2020 Avalon Kayak Park Registration Procedures

Welcome to the Avalon Kayak Park!

Please note:  Registration for the 2020 berths begins March 2nd and concludes  March 31st, 2020!

Avalon will continue to offer free registration to Avalon residential property owners for the 216 berths available at the Avalon Kayak Park.

Avalon will conduct an “open registration” from, March 2nd, 2020 through, March 31st, 2020. Registrations are accepted in person during regular business hours, seven days a week, at Avalon Community Hall, 30th Street and the beach in Avalon or by filling out the convenient form located at the bottom of this web page.  That form will be posted as of March 2, 2020.

Each successful applicant will be allowed to reserve one temporary storage space at the Avalon Kayak Park for the 2020 season, which runs from May 1st-October 31st, 2020.

A lottery drawing shall take place on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 to designate kayaks for the season. Only 250 names will be drawn during the lottery.

Only one kayak registration will be permitted for each residential dwelling.

The Avalon Department of Recreation will contact all successful participants via contact information provided by the applicant.

Individuals who are successfully selected in the lottery must visit Avalon Community Hall between April 20th and June 30th to fill out a receipt form, verify residency/property ownership, and receive a registration tag to be affixed to the kayak for the 2020 season. Any property owner who fails to complete this process and have the designated kayak in the temporary storage berth by June 30th will sacrifice the berth for the 2020 season.

Registration tags are non-assignable and non-transferable.

During your registration, you will be asked if you plan on abandoning your temporary storage berth at the Avalon Kayak Park well before the season ends. If you verify a date when your berth will be abandoned, it will be made available for anyone on our waiting list or for the general public.

Other reminders:

Only kayaks can be temporarily stored in the berths at the Kayak Park. Any kayaks or other objects may not be left on the grounds of the kayak park for any reason or any amount of time. The Park is checked daily and any kayaks, sailing vessels, or other objects left on the ground will be impounded.

Any registered or unregistered kayaks, sailing vessels, paddleboards, surfboards, bicycles, canoes, or other watercraft left in the park in a berth or on the ground between November 1 and April 30th of the following year will be impounded by the Borough and held by the Borough until claimed.

Please read the ordinance posted here for additional rules, regulations, and residency/property owner requirements.

opens in a new window2017 Avalon Kayak Park Ordinance.pdf

Kayak Park Registration

If you need to find your block and lot number opens in a new windowclick here

Registrations are closed.

You will be contacted by the Avalon Department of Recreation if you are assigned a berth at the park for the 2019 season, thank you!