Borough of Avalon Job Posting-January 29, 2024

Avalon Department of Public Works/Part Time Seasonal Positions for 2024 and Full Time Career Positions

The Avalon Department of Public Works is hiring solid waste and recycling collectors for the 2024 summer season.  Summer season is defined as April 19th – September 24th, 2024.

Duties include solid waste and recycling collectors, emptying/maintaining beach and public trash/recycling cans and other duties as needed.

New seasonal hires start at $23.00/hour.

Full Time Career Positions

Salary depends on experience and certifications

Includes benefits and pension

CDL preferred. Required before 1 year of employment completed

Duties similar to seasonal position description and other type of work depending on experience.

Please fill out an application available at

Call (609) 967-7697 with any questions.