How to obtain a Dog or Cat License in the Borough of Avalon:

Proof of Rabies vaccination is required in order to obtain a Dog or Cat license. If the vaccination expires before October of the current license year, the Dog or Cat must receive a booster shot before a license can be issued.Dog and Cat licenses are renewable during the month of January. If a dog will be residing in the Borough of Avalon for three months a license is required.

Cost for Dog License: $4.70 Neutered/Spayed $7.70 Non-Neutered/Spayed
Cost for Cat License: $3.50 Neutered/Spayed $5.50 Non-Neutered/Spayed

Special Permit for Social Affair (One day Liquor License):

Non-profit Organizations can obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages at an event by applying online through the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  The license fees are $100.00 for civic, religious or educational organizations, $150.00 for all other non-profit organizations.   New applicants will need to register at  Click on the Licensee/Public User Button and follow the instructions to register.

If you require additional information , please contact the Borough Clerk’s Office at 609-967-8200.

Amusement Games (Arcade), Bingo and Raffle Licenses:

These licenses require a State Identification Number which must be applied for through Legalized Games of Control Commission. For information on obtaining a State ID number call 1-973-273-8000 or visit Applications for Amusement Games, Bingo and Raffle Licenses are obtained through the Borough Clerk and applications should be submitted at least one month in advance of the event because the application must be approved by Avalon Borough Council. [br]  [br]