Avalon Bay Park Marina


For information about boat launches/kayak park:  (609) 967-3066

For information about seasonal boat slips:  (609) 967-5917

Bay Park Marina at 54th StreetThe fol­low­ing rules and reg­u­la­tions gov­ern the use and man­ner of use of the Avalon Bay Park Marina.
1. Effec­tive with the 2003 boat­ing sea­son, annual slip hold­ers from the pre­ced­ing sea­son will be given the first right of refusal to renew their Slip Rental Agree­ment for the upcom­ing sea­son.  Prior slip hold­ers will be required to reply, in writ­ing, and pay a pre­scribed fee within a fixed period of time.  Fail­ure to do so shall be deemed evi­dence of a lack of inter­est to renew for the cur­rent year and the boat slip will be rented to the next party on the wait­ing list hav­ing priority.
2.  Completed applications along with proof of boat ownership should be submitted to the Avalon Assistant Business Administrator’s office at which point the applicant will be placed on the Avalon Bay Park Marina wait list. Bay Park Marina Application 2023  Appli­cants placed on the wait­ing list need not sub­mit a deposit or insur­ance at the time of appli­ca­tion but will be noti­fied when a sea­son slip becomes available.
3. Fees for sea­son boat slip rental shall be $100.00 per foot.  Boats may not exceed twenty-one (21) feet in length.  Fees may, from time to time there­after, be revised by Res­o­lu­tion of Bor­ough Council.
4. Launch­ing Ramp Sea­son per­mit will be effec­tive from the first Saturday in May through the first Sunday after Labor Day of each year.  Hours of oper­a­tion are hereby estab­lished as follows:

Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:00pm; Saturday and Sunday 7:00am-5:00pm

boat slips at the marina5. There shall be a charge of $10.00, one time daily, for use of the boat ramp.

6. Sea­son boat ramp per­mit fee for the period cov­er­ing the sec­ond week­end in May through the sec­ond week­end in Sep­tem­ber of each year shall be estab­lished at $100.00.  Per­mits are not trans­fer­able and shall be issued on the basis of one per boat and shall be vis­i­bly dis­played upon the boat or boat trailer.

7. Any change in size or type of boat will require a new per­mit.  Per­mits are not transferable.

8. All own­ers shall be respon­si­ble for sup­ply­ing moor­ing lines nec­es­sary for the vessel.

9. No repairs or other activ­i­ties which delay the orderly process of loading/unloading of ves­sels shall be per­mit­ted in the ramp area.

10. The Bor­ough reserves the right to reject all applications.