May 20th Project Update

Avalon’s spring sand back passing project is underway. Yanuzzi Construction, the contractor for the job, is beginning to stockpile sand in the approved borrow area in early 30’s blocks. Sand will continue to be stockpiled through Wednesday with a break in the work for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. No sand will be transported to the north end in advance of the weekend. Please be mindful the sand pile will be fenced off for safety reasons. Yanuzzi will begin hauling sand to the north end to repair severe winter erosion between 9th-16th street beaches. Beach paths from 10th-15th streets will remain closed this weekend until they can be safely repaired. All beaches in Avalon remain open during this project.
Photos by Avalon Business Administrator Scott J. Wahl.

May 14th Project Update

The contractor plans to bring equipment onto the beach today in the borrow area south of the Fishing Pier.  Sand scraping operations will begin on Wednesday, May 15th.  Heavy equipment to move the sand to the north end begins when the County of Cape May provides a permit to the contractor to move the equipment on Avalon Boulevard to our community.

Project summary:

The 2024 Avalon sand back passing project will begin during the month of May.  This year’s project will move approximately 55,000 cubic yards of sand to north end beaches that experienced severe erosion during winter storm events.  The Yannuzzi Group, Inc. of Kinnelon, NJ was awarded the contract for the work during the Avalon Borough Council meeting on Wednesday, April 24th.  This project is anticipated to start on or about May 13th, 2024.  The project will take scraped sand from the borrow area between 32nd and 40th streets north to the fill area, identified as between 9th-15th streets, with the erosional hot spot between 10th-12th streets.    This project will taper the new beach into the existing beach on the north and the south.  The goal is to have a protective beach in advance of hurricane season, which begins on June 1st.

The workdays/hours for the project will be Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 3:30pm.  The Avalon beach front will be an active construction zone during this project with heavy equipment removing sand from the borrow area and heavy trucks placing the sand in the fill area before it is graded to a sloped beach.  Please be aware the Avalon beach will be an active construction zone during these days and hours and stay away from heavy equipment.  Please do not place beach chairs in the sand in areas where truck traffic is active.  The work will not occur on Memorial Day weekend, pausing Thursday through Monday, May 25-29th.  The end date of the construction activity is dependent on several factors, including daily sand transport rates and any storm activity during this project.  The project is anticipated to run into the first or second week of June.

Please be aware some beach paths in the erosion zone are closed until the beach is fully restored.  Updates on this project will be made when available.