The Avalon Borough Council has approved new irrigation regulations for 2024 and beyond.  The purpose of these regulations is to preserve a valued natural resource and to avoid increasing the Borough’s water allocation permit or installing a new well.  The amendments have been made to Chapter 14 of the Borough code and are mandatory.  The regulations are as follows:

Days and Times of Irrigation:

Even numbered homes may irrigate on even numbered days.  Addresses that end in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 irrigate on even numbered days; addresses that end in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 irrigate on odd numbered days.  Irrigation is permissible only between the hours of Midnight and 9:00am on designated days.  Irrigation is permitted for a duration of 30 minutes.

Flower Boxes:

Flower boxes may be watered daily from April through November.

Newly Installed Lawns/Landscape Beds:

These may be irrigated daily for the first 21 days following installation, with no limits on time or duration.  Starting on day 22, the above rules and schedule apply.

There are multiple reasons to regulate irrigation in Avalon.  They include:

-Protection of a natural resource, potable water.

-Avoiding increasing our annual water allocation from the State of New Jersey, which is very expensive.

-Avoiding the installation of a new water well, which would cost millions of dollars.

There are penalty provisions in the ordinance for non-compliance.  2024 is a year of education on the new ordinance, we appreciate your efforts to set your irrigation timers for compliance.  The Avalon Environmental Commission and the Borough of Avalon has a complete list of drought-tolerant plants and approved plants for the Borough of Avalon available online at  Thank you in advance for your compliance as we work together to preserve a natural resource!