Graphical depiction of new tennis courts at 8th Street in Avalon


A preconstruction meeting was held on Friday, January 26th, 2024 in Avalon on the Borough’s addition of three new tennis courts at the 8th Street Recreation Complex.  Last year, three existing tennis courts were converted into additional pickleball courts with the pledge that three new tennis courts would be added in 2024.  The Borough has secured a state grant to offset part of the costs associated with this project.  The contractor has performed work for the Borough previously.

The graphic above depicts the location of the three new tennis courts in the lower right quadrant of the graphic, with the three courts colored in blue.  Site preparation for the new courts could begin during the week of January 29th, weather permitting.  Warmer, drier weather is required for site preparation.  The actual construction will take ten working days, but they likely will not be consecutive due to weather and other conditions.  Asphalt production typically begins in mid-March.

The contractor is required to complete the project and have the courts ready for play no later than May 1, 2024.  If conditions permit and asphalt is available, the courts could be completed in mid-April.  Once construction is finished, the courts will be painted with the same blue and green paint scheme as other courts in the complex.

When this construction project begins, the basketball courts will not be available for play due to safety reasons; the pickleball courts will be available for play during construction.