Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi has signed municipal Executive Order 2020-09 that permits an expansion of outdoor dining, and outdoor retail, for the 2020 season.  These opportunities are provided to merchants as a way to help recover from the restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic and various subsequent state executive orders.

This executive order allows both retail businesses and restaurants to use, when possible and practical, private property adjacent to their deeded business and the public Right of Way (essentially, Borough sidewalk) for outdoor retail and outdoor dining.  The process requires an application to be made to the Zoning Officer that includes the insurance certificate that is required by the order.  The Zoning Officer reviews the application, and either amends it or approves it.  There is no permit fee, and the application does not need approval from the Avalon Planning and Zoning Board.  Once approved, outdoor dining may occur on the date it is allowed by the Governor of the State of New Jersey.  Applications may be made in advance, and in anticipation of, the Governor’s decision.  Outdoor retail may begin on Monday, June 1st.  All social distancing and other measures mandated by the State of New Jersey must be followed.

Below, you will find the following:  An unsigned copy of the mayoral executive order for guidance and direction; the outdoor dining/retail permit application; and a link to Chapter 26 of the Avalon Borough Code.

It is highly recommended that the application be made via email to Avalon Zoning Officer Amanda Seltzer at aseltzer@avalonboro.org.  Do not submit applications into the drop box on the front steps of Avalon Borough Hall.  Avalon Borough Hall continues to be closed to the public due to the pandemic.  You may also drop off the application in person by first scheduling an appointment with Ms. Seltzer which can be arranged via email, or by calling (609) 967-7043.  Please remember phone messages are checked from time to time and that phone number is not manned at all time due to work schedules inside Borough Hall.  Email remains the best way to get an immediate response.

Shall you have any questions relating to this executive order, or the application process, please contact Ms. Seltzer.

Avalon Executive Order Outdoor Dining and Retail 2020

MEO – 2020-12 – Final – Outdoor same and consumption of alcoholic beverages

Avalon 2020 Zoning Permit Application for Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Retail

Avalon Chapter 26-7.15

ABC Temporary Permit Expansion 060420

DOH Protocols Outdoor Dining 060420

NJ Executive Order 150 Outdoor Dining