The completion of the project was delayed due to changes in the top slab and accompanying inlet grate/casting for the concrete pump station vault.  Changes were also required to the configuration of the electrical and control cabinets in the elevated platform on the southeast side of the 78th Street and Ocean Drive intersection due to the need for safety railing around the perimeter of the platform and the required clearance of the electrical components to the railing.  The Contractor, R.E. Pierson, is expected to mobilize in late March to complete all remaining work, which is estimated to take three weeks to complete.  Remaining work includes:  Excavation and removal of temporary top slab of pump station; dewatering of pump station vault; installation of pumps; installation of pump station top slab and grates/castings; installation of electric and controls in the elevated control platform; construction of composite railing around the perimeter of the elevated platform; and site restoration.