Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi has issued municipal executive order 2020-15 that results in the closure of the Avalon beaches from 9:00pm-4:00am daily, and boardwalk from 11:00pm until 4:00am daily.  The closure of the beaches and the boardwalk during this time attempts to remove and disperse large groups of minors who are gathering in these locations and violating municipal and state executive orders that require social distancing and the wearing of masks. The order also reinforces Avalon’s current municipal ordinance 9-6.9, amended in 2000, that maintains peaceful gatherings on the municipal beach.

“Our local communities are taking the threat of Covid-19 very seriously and this move by Avalon to close the beach and boardwalk during the late evening and overnight hours will deter minors from gathering with their friends and creating a very unsafe condition for themselves and our community”, Pagliughi said.  “Avalon Police have reported large crowds of minors on the beaches after dark with complete disregard to social distancing, the wearing of masks, and other municipal regulations.  By taking this action, we are reducing the risk of exposure and transmission.  I am asking all parents to be active partners with the Borough and have discussions with their teens and young adults, reinforce that the treat of Covid is real, and encourage them to be home and safe at a reasonable hour”.

This executive order is in effect July 11th, and until further notice.  On numerous occasions, Avalon Police have encountered groups of minors and young adults totaling in the hundreds that have resisted police orders to disperse due to social distancing guidelines and their own safety.

“It’s important for the safety and protection of minors and young adults to follow this order and simply not gather in another location”, said Avalon Police Chief Jeffrey Christopher.  “New Jersey remains in a public health emergency, and the Cape May County Department of Health has identified a growing high risk group that includes teens and young adults.  This is a necessary proactive measure that will be enforced by the Avalon Police Department”.

This executive order continues to allow beach movies on the 30th Street beach at dusk on Tuesday evenings as this special event is managed and executed by the Borough.

“This pandemic is a public health crisis that needs to be taken seriously by all age groups”, Pagliughi said.  “This not only provides greater protection from transmission among this age group, but also greater protection of transmission from this age group to our senior population and the rest of our community”.