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These events and lecture series are held throughout the year, so familiarize the events and times of year that they occur so you can experience learning about your environment and get the thrill of volunteering to help to protect your barrier island. Read more under each location provided below:

Beachside Science at Surfside Park and/or The Avalon Community Center

Lectures on Diamond Back Terrapins, Summer Solstice , the importance of native plants and more. Presented by the Wetlands Institute, Sue Slotterback and Doug Tallamy. read more…

Avalon Public Library

Lectures on the Weather by Joe Martucci, Horseshoe Crabs by Erin Rawls of Wetlands Institute and Workshops on Designing Native Plant Gardens by Pat Sutton. read more…

Pollinator Garden Lecture

Pat Sutton explores the magic of the Avalon Pollinator Garden. read more…

Dune Grass Planting

Avalon holds Dune Grass Plantings twice each year for volunteers to participate in protecting our beautiful shoreline. Plantings are held in late April and late October and are open to volunteers young and old. read more…

Grasses in Classes

This year the Avalon Environmental Commission promoted beach stewardship in The Avalon Public School. Approximately 50 students learned about the importance of dunes and the need to protect the coastline of Avalon from the power of waves and winds. read more

Arbor Day

Annually, Avalon observes National Arbor Day by planting a tree on public property somewhere in the Borough. The event is sponsored by the Avalon Garden Club. The guest speaker is always the Mayor, Martin L. Pagliughi and a representative from the Avalon Environmental Commission (AEC) makes a few remarks. Additionally, the AEC makes the recommendations for the location and type of tree to be planted.

Memorial Tree Program

Under Development