Approved Avalon Management Plans

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Avalon as a barrier island has a delicate and unique ecosystem that needs vigilant protection and constant management. Plans that protect the dunes, wildlife and native vegetation are tools that protect the idyllic nature of this very special place. A flood plan helps to improve resiliency during storm events and a mosquito plan helps to control these important nuisance insects.

2016 Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP)

The Borough of Avalon has a CFMP that develops tree programs appropriate for the Avalon ecosystem. The focus is on the selection, planting and management of appropriate tree species that will thrive and enhance the environment. Salty air, high winds and sandy soil offer challenges unique to a barrier island: all of these elements are considered in the overall tree care and management plan. CFMP is overseen by the Avalon Tree Committee which is a sub-committee of The Avalon Environmental Commission
2016 Avalon Community Forestry Management Plan Draft

Dune Vegetative Management Plan (DVMP)

Avalon recognized the importance of the dunes and native vegetation. The removal of invasive species , such as the Japanese Black Pine and replacement with native vegetation is the heart of this plan. Homeowners interested in the DVMP should read the plan and application process.
Dune Vegetation Management Plan

Beach Management Plan

The purpose of this management plan is to provide a framework for cooperation between the Borough of Avalon, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife Endangered and Nongame Species Program, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s New Jersey Field Office in the stewardship of Federal and State-listed endangered and threatened beach nesting birds and flora (listed species) occurring on Avalon’s beaches.
Beach Vegetation Management Plan

Flood Mitigation Plan

Avalon has created a Floodplain Management report for 2021. A team of volunteers and appointed Borough officials have assembled this document for resiliency purposes in Avalon.
Flood Mitigation Plans

Mosquito Control and Checklist

Cape May County offers suggestions for controlling mosquitos. Remember that water + containers = mosquitos.
Mosquito Control and Checklist