2 x a Year

Avalon Environmental Commission

Avalon holds Dune Grass Plantings twice each year for volunteers to participate in protecting our beautiful shoreline. Plantings are held in late April and late October and are open to volunteers young and old. Some teachers even give their students extra credit for participating in this important Community event.
Volunteers meet at the Avalon Community Hall, 30th Street and Avalon Avenue at 8:30 a.m. and are given a brief tutorial on the technique to be used when planting the dune grasses. After the Dune Grass planting, there is a bagged light lunch provided outside Community Hall.

You may ask :“What benefit does planting dune grass provide for our Avalon Beach?”
The short answer to a complex question is that dunes serve as a natural line of defense against storm surges by preventing or limiting coastal flooding. Additionally, dunes provide a habitat for many migratory birds and are a seed source for wintering birds.

Each storm system passing through Avalon washes away parts of our Dune system especially in the northern end of Avalon. By planting dune grasses, we are able to trap sand and create a natural barricade that prevents too much sand from being washed into the ocean, causing coastal erosion.

Join us in our dune restoration initiative and experience the satisfaction of helping to preserve your local ecosystem. Perhaps it will become a family tradition.