Keeping Avalon Green

Avalon has been a leader in efforts to preserve and minimize the Carbon Footprint on our 4 mile island. Take note of some of the Borough accomplishments:

  • Expansive Bike Paths
  • The Pollinator and Butterfly Garden,
  • The Dune Vegetation Management Program (DVMP)
  • Dune Grass planting twice a year, a recently completed
  • A Tree Inventory to guide the Borough with a long range tree succession plan
  • The Avalon Dune and Beach Trail
  • Recycling Coach–an app for your smartphone that provides you with everything there is to know about Avalon trash and recycling programs
  • Clean Water Initiative–a program that helps to keep plastics and other dangerous materials out of the waterways
  • Vehicle Charging Station
  • Avalon Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags
  • A Study of Different Irrigation Systems tested on Dune Drive Islands
  • Borough wide Tree Planting Program