Approved Plants for the Borough of Avalon

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Because of Avalon’s unique ecosystem, it is recommended that only approved vegetation be planted on the island. Importation of non-native species, invasives and non-beneficial ornamentals harms the entire ecosystem.  Select your vegetation wisely and use the plant lists provided. When selecting a Landscaper be certain they have knowledge of and access to native plants.

Avalon Approved Acceptable Plant List

The survival of most types of plant life is difficult on a barrier island community such as Avalon. Vegetation
has to contend with nutrient poor, sandy soils, frequent northeast storms, strong west winds and salt-laden air.
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Avalon Approved Flowering Native Plant list

Avalon Living Fences Approved Vegetation List

The following is a list of trees, shrubs and vines that have been used for living fences. If the living fence is properly designed, installed and maintained, it will provide service to the property owner for many years. read more…

Avalon Approved List of Dune Vegetation

Adapted vegetation is an integral part of the overall dune system that is vital to the protection to the Borough from coastal storms. This vegetation not only aids sand deposition and accumulation, but also serves to retain the sand in the dune system. Accordingly, the selection of plants that will survive and flourish in the harsh environment of the dune system is critical. read more…

Avalon List of Invasive and Nuisance Plant Species

No invasive or nuisance plants (weeds) shall be introduced into the Borough along with any landscaping plants. The following is a partial list of plants that have been designated as invasive, i.e., they tend to spread rapidly, or nuisance plants. read more

Native Plants for Wildlife Booklet

The use of native plant species at a school, in a park, or around your home can be beneficial in many ways. Wildlife use plants for food and shelter, while you benefit from the beauty these plants and wildlife add to the landscape. The native plants are readily accepted by wildlife but also are adapted to our environmental conditions. read more…

New Jersey Yards

Learn how to create a New Jersey Friendly Garden, how to prevent pollution of Avalon waterways and much more… Go to this website to become a self taught master gardener.
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