Officials with South Jersey Gas met with Borough officials on Tuesday, August 27th to discuss the continuance and close out of the resiliency project provided by the utility to Avalon.  More details about the project will be announced in the coming weeks.

Starting in mid to late September, South Jersey Gas’ contractor, Lantier Construction, will visit Avalon again to complete a project that began in the spring with the installation of the Excess Flow Valves (EFV’s) that provide safety to a property and neighbor during emergencies including extreme flooding events.  An additional 100 properties will be affected by this project and notification from the utility to the customer will be provided directly.  Final full and half width street paving for the work that was done in the Spring will begin likely in late October with all final paving from the Spring, 2019 project to be completed by Thanksgiving Weekend, 2019.

The valves are installed between the natural gas main and a customer’s gas meter.  They are designed to automatically restrict a customer’s service when the natural gas flow exceeds certain limits, such as when a service line is damaged due to a storm, excavation, or other circumstances.  When activated, the EFV stops the flow of natural gas, limiting the risk of escaping natural gas due to damage or pipe failure.

There are an additional 400 new EFV’s that must be installed during the fall at properties throughout the Borough.  Again, the utility will contact individual property owners who are affected.  South Jersey Gas will also physically be in Avalon on select Saturdays after Labor Day weekend in an attempt to contact property owners in person.  The final paving for streets with these affected properties (half width or full width) will be completed before Mother’s Day weekend, 2020.

As of now, there are no future plans for any additional major resiliency work by South Jersey Gas past this project.  South Jersey Gas will be providing additional contact information, materials, and descriptions of the work to the Borough of Avalon will be posted on this website.