South Jersey Gas intends to improve two additional gas mains in the Borough of Avalon with this project being concluded before Memorial Day weekend.  South Jersey Gas is obligated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to conduct various improvements and safety enhancements in its distribution system.  This includes the replacement of essential gas mains and the installation of Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) in select areas of our community.

South Jersey Gas intends to replace the gas mains on the south side of 48th Street between Ocean Drive and Dune Drive starting Monday, March 15th; and, the gas main on the south side of 17th Street between Dune Drive and First Avenue starting Tuesday, March 16th.  Utility Line Services will be the contractor for South Jersey Gas.

Residents who live along these streets are advised that the installation of the gas main/EFVs will have an impact on these streets.  The utility is obligated to provide notification directly to the property owners with fliers and/or door hangars.

The valves are installed between the natural gas main and a customer’s gas meter.  They are designed to automatically restrict a customer’s service when the natural gas flow exceeds certain limits, such as when a service line is damaged due to a storm, excavation, or other circumstances.  When activated, the EFV stops the flow of natural gas, limiting the risk of escaping natural gas due to damage or pipe failure.

This is part of a town-wide effort to replace antiquated aging steel gas mains with new elevated pressure mains that will increase both resiliency and reliability for coastal communities, including Avalon.  EFVs are being installed at homes that do not have an EFV.  No work will be conducted by South Jersey Gas after Memorial Day weekend, through the summer.

Additional work that is not yet scheduled will be on Ocean Drive, near 7th and 8th streets; portions of 19th and 21st streets, and on First Avenue near 37th Street.