Some public buildings in Avalon will open to the public Monday, July 6th, according to Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  Avalon municipal employees have been working on shifts/remote locations during the pandemic to conduct the essential business for our community.  All staff will be working inside municipal buildings on Monday, June 29th.  Borough Hall is located at 3100 Dune Drive.  Avalon Community Hall will remain closed until further notice.  It will be open for the primary election on Tuesday, July 7th.

The only access to Avalon Borough Hall will be through the front doors that face Dune Drive.  Side entrances/exits will remain closed.  For your protection and safety, Avalon public buildings will have a strict “No mask, no entry policy” and social distancing will be in place; please wear a mask for entry into any Avalon municipal buildings.  To the greatest extent possible, we are asking our guests to make an appointment with the Borough official for with whom you wish to speak; also, when possible, please continue to conduct your business with the Borough via telephone or email.  Social visits are not permitted.  Please observe all markings for social distancing and hand sanitizing dispensers are available throughout Borough Hall.  Only one member of the public will be allowed physically inside any office at all times.

It is the intent to hold the reorganization of Avalon Borough Council inside Borough Hall on Monday, July 6th, at 9:00am, as well as the next regular meeting of Avalon Borough Council on Wednesday, July 8th, at 4:00pm.  Masks must be worn for attendance at Council meetings.  Seats in the meeting room will be marked where guests are permitted to sit, socially distanced from each other.  In the event you want to participate in the meeting by listening in/offering public comment, telephone access will be available at least through the end of July and will be posted on this website.

Thank you! Your personal safety is our top priority in the Borough of Avalon.