The Avalon Department of Public Works reminds you that plastic bags cannot be part of the recycling trash stream in Cape May County.  This County participates in single stream recycling, where all clean recyclables can go into one container.  However, if your container contains plastic bags, it will not be collected by Avalon’s trash and recycling contractor.  And, if you put a bag full of recyclables into the regular trash can, it creates two issues for the Borough.  First, the Borough pays for additional tonnage fees as these recyclables are counted as trash.  Second, our recycling numbers go down, which impacts the amount of recycling grants the Borough receives.

Never put plastic bags in your recycling container.  And, if you visit the Avalon Courtesy Trash and Recycling Depot at 15th Street and Dune Drive, thank you for doing so.  But, please do not put your recyclables into a plastic bag and then dispose of that bag at the Depot.  Kindly dump the recyclables from a can (or a bag, cut open) and do not co-mingle plastic bags with recycling.

Thank you!  For additional information, please visit