Information regarding 2017-18 Ocean Drive Reconstruction Project by the County of Cape May

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Ocean Drive Reconstruction Update January 23rd, 2018

The County of Cape May has announced its proposed schedule for the resurfacing of Ocean Drive from 62nd Street north to 29th Street.  The County intends to resurface this portion of the roadway and add additional drainage in the public right of way to help alleviate nuisance flooding.  In advance of the County’s project, the Borough of Avalon replaced infrastructure under the roadway, including new water mains; South Jersey Gas also provided replacements of natural gas mains.

The actual resurfacing of Ocean Drive will be broken into two phases.  The first phase is expected to begin in late February and runs from 46th Street to 62nd Street.  Any road openings for utility connections need to be completed by 02/19/2018.  The section of Ocean Drive from 29th Street to 46th Street is the second phase and will be resurfaced towards the end of April.  All road openings for utility connections in this section of Ocean Drive need to be completed by 04/06/2018.

The County has a road opening moratorium.  The moratorium is for five years after the County accepts the project.  The property owners along Ocean Drive within the limits of the project were notified in writing on multiple occasions of the road opening moratorium prior to the start of construction.

Ocean Drive Reconstruction Update May 10th, 2017

The Borough of Avalon continues to have weekly meetings with Mathis Construction, the company hired by the Borough to perform water and sewer work along Ocean Drive in advance of the drainage and resurfacing improvements to be made by the County.  During the past few weeks, there had to be various deficiencies corrected in the project area in advance of any road paving efforts; at times, the contractor has also encountered some issues and unanticipated objects that were below the road surface, abandoned decades prior.  As a result of these corrections and other issues, here is the status of the project along Ocean Drive:

  • Mathis Construction is virtually finished with the water main improvements for the length of the project, with a few laterals still to be completed.
  • Mathis Construction will likely stop the sewer project in the mid 40’s street range before the mandatory break before the summer season, which is Monday, May 22nd.
  • Mathis Construction is employing more man-hours during the week, working ten hour days in order get as much work completed as possible.  Part of the project this week includes the installation of a manhole located at 45th Street.  Later this week and into next week, 15″ PVC pipe will be installed towards 46th Street.
  • Any disturbance to sod, driveway aprons, etc. are the responsibility of the contractor to restore to prior condition.  Decorative pavers, stones, etc. will be returned to their place of origin.
  • The County has adjusted its construction schedule for the drainage and repaving of Ocean Drive to accommodate the Avalon portion of the project.  The County is expected to continue its portion of the project in September for the final drainage/repaving work.
  • Mathis Construction will continue site restoration and clean up work for the remainder of this week and next week in advance of the suspension of the project on May 22nd.

Ocean Drive Reconstruction Update March 22nd, 2017

Avalon officials attended a construction update meeting regarding the water/sewer/resurfacing drainage project along Ocean Drive in Avalon.  You may read below to understand more about this County project being paid for with federal dollars for the benefit of Avalon residents and visitors.

The County’s contractor reports that all storm drains are in lace from 62nd Street south to 50th Street, and concrete work will begin in about two weeks along that section of the roadway.  The Borough’s contractor who is doing the water and sewer work expects to be completed from 62nd Street south to 46th Street by the end of March, 2017.  Additional crews are being brought in to catch up on some delays caused by weather and underground issues.830 feet of additional sewer main may be installed by the end of the month.  Laterals to be installed from 59th to 60th streets are to be completed by the weekend.  Manhole repairs are needed at 51st, 52nd, 54th, and 55th streets.

South Jersey Gas was at the meeting and announced to the Borough and the County that it will replace the entire gas main in the scope of this project at no cost to the Borough.  This work will begin in three to four weeks and will cease before Memorial Day weekend.  It is the utility’s intentions to work ahead of the other contractors.  The shut down date for the summer will be on May 22nd with some paving to be done after the weekend in the early part of June.

The entire project will start again in the fall and be completed by the end of the year.

Ocean Drive Reconstruction Update February 2nd, 2017

The County of Cape May held a preconstruction meeting on Tuesday, January 31st to discuss its portion of a major project that will result in new sewer service, new drainage, and a new resurfacing of a portion of Ocean Drive in Avalon from 29th Street south to 61st Street.  The Borough of Avalon is financing the sewer service portion of the project.  Federal funding will be financing the County’s portion of the project, which totals $4,467,800.  The contract has been awarded to Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc. of Hammonton, NJ and a Notice to Proceed was issued by the County on January 11th, 2017.  The Design Engineer for the project is Urban Engineers, Inc. of Cherry Hill, NJ; the Construction Engineer for the project is Gibson Associates, of Ocean View, NJ.

A description of the project appears on the January 26th, 2017 update on this webpage.

The County contractor has indicated that the project is likely to begin on Monday, February 13th, 2017.  Work will be performed only on weekdays from 7:00am-3:30pm; no work will be conducted on weekends and no work will be performed during the peak of the tourism season.  There are also work restrictions for holidays.  Restrictions are in place for the Memorial Day weekend from Thursday at 3:00pm until Tuesday at 8:00am following Memorial Day weekend.  For the July 4th weekend, the restrictions are from Thursday at 3:00pm on the Thursday prior to July 4th through Tuesday at 8:00am following July 4th.  For the Labor Day weekend, restrictions are from 3:00pm the Thursday before Labor Day weekend through Wednesday, 8:00am following Labor Day weekend.

For businesses who are open along Ocean Drive for the duration of this project, the Contractor is required not to interfere with the business activity and at least one major access shall be maintained at all times, and a sign provided to indicate the access point.  Traffic will be maintained at all times at the 30th Street and 42nd Street intersections.  One lane of traffic shall be open at all times for traffic unless the Borough’s sewer project and the County’s road project are in conflict.  Only during those times could traffic be blocked in both directions for a short time on a small portion of Ocean Drive.

It is anticipated that the Borough’s work will begin in the area of 46th Street in February.  The contractor for the Borough has various benchmarks that it is required to meet.  A bypass project must be completed by March 3rd; sewer work from 46th Street to 62nd Street must be completed by March 18th; 46th Street north to 42nd Street must be completed by May 22nd at which time the Borough’s project will stop; and 42nd Street to 29th Street, after Labor Day weekend will be completed in the fall.  The County may begin its portion of the project at 58th Street.

Bi-weekly progress meetings will be held at which time various updates to this website will be made.  The Borough will also inform to the public based on the best information possible where the project will be moving and the areas to be impacted.  Check this webpage frequently for updates.

The County project includes some work in the right of way where various driveways, pavers, and landscaping exists on property maintained by homeowners.  It is the obligation of the County’s contractor to restore this property to its pre-existing condition.  The contractor has videoed the area to be disturbed.

The Borough does not need to disrupt any public right of way that would include property maintained by property owners.  Shall you have any questions or concerns regarding your property that exists in the County’s right of way, you may reach out to the Cape May County Engineer’s Office at (609) 465-1035.  If you have any questions of where your property line exists, you may check the survey of your property or stop by the Avalon Tax Assessor’s Office at Avalon Borough Hall.

Friday, January 26th, 2017 Update:  Pre-Construction Meetings Held for Borough, County Portions of Project

The Borough of Avalon plans a major sewer main replacement project along a portion of Ocean Drive south of 29th Street that will also undergo a complete repaving with drainage improvements by the County of Cape May.  This project will begin shortly, be suspended before Memorial Day weekend 2017, and conclude with Phase II after Labor Day weekend, 2017.

The Borough of Avalon held a pre-construction meeting on Friday, January 20th with the contractor who was awarded the contract for the Avalon portion of the project, Mathis Construction of Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  Avalon Municipal Engineer Thomas Thornton provided the Avalon Borough Council with an update on the project and information about the construction schedule as it relates to the sewer main project.

There will be four interim completion dates for the contractor to meet before Memorial Day weekend on the sewer project.  All bypass work at the 58th Street Pump station is to be completed within 45 days or by March 3, 2017.  All sewer system improvements on Ocean City and intersecting streets between 62nd Street and 46th Street will be completed within 60 calendar days, or by March 18th, 2017.  All water system improvements are to be completed within 90 calendar days or by April 17th, 2017.  And all sewer system improvements on Ocean City and intersecting streets between 46th Street and 42nd Street, along with all site restoration, must be completed within 125 calendar days, or by May 22nd, 2017.  No work will be performed from May 23rd through September 5th, 2017.  All sewer system improvements on Ocean Drive and intersecting streets between 49th Street and 29th Street and all remaining site restoration and punch list items will be completed within 300 calendar days, or by November 13th, 2017.  A notice to proceed was issued to Mathis Construction at the pre-construction meeting.

Avalon residents and visitors should note that there will be major work being conducted along the affected portions of Ocean Drive during the dates indicated above.  Traffic will be restricted in the area and diverted away from portions of Ocean Drive during construction.  The County of Cape May’s resurfacing/drainage improvement project will follow the work being conducted by the Borough in a coordinated effort to lessen the impact on property owners and motorists.  The site is to be kept clean by the contractor at the conclusion of every business day and bi-weekly meetings will be held where updates will be provided to the Borough.

The County of Cape May will be holding its pre-construction meeting on the County’s portion of this project on Tuesday, January 30th at the County Administration Building.  Avalon Borough officials will attend this meeting and provide additional information about the project on this web link.

The resurfacing/drainage improvement project being conducted by the County was awarded by the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders to Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc. of Hammonton, New Jersey.  This improvement in the Borough of Avalon is being financed by the County; the contract totals $4.467 million.  This involves no cost-share with the Borough of Avalon.

The project consists of the milling and resurfacing of Ocean Drive from 29th Street to 62nd Street in the Borough of Avalon.  In addition to the resurfacing, the work program also includes replacing broken, deteriorated, or out of grade concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and drive aprons; updating the traffic signal systems at 30th Street and 42nd Street intersections; updating or installing handicap access ramps at each intersection so as to conform to ADA requirements; replacing or repairing deteriorated stormwater catch basins and manoles; updating stormwater grates to current stormwater management requirements and making them bicycle-compatible; installing additional stormwater facilities within Ocean Drive right of way to reduce the spread of ponding water and restriping the roadway upon completion of the work.

Ocean Drive will be raised as much as possible; however, the increase in elevation is limited due to the development adjacent to the roadway.  In order to minimize the impact of raising the roadway elevation, lawn drains with underdrains are being installed where the sidewalk and lawns cannot be sloped to the roadway gutters.  The lawn drains will be discharged to the nearest catch basin and will have a gate at the end to prevent the backflow of water through the lawn drains.

The traffic signal system at the 42nd Street intersection will be completely replaced with all new equipment and pedestrian countdown displays.  The 30th Street traffic signal will have some minor adjustments made to the system.

The proposed traffic control for the construction will be to close traffic in one direction on Ocean Drive Daily while the drainage and concrete work is being performed in that lane.  The one direction of travel will be detoured to Dune Drive.  The other direction of traffic on Ocean Drive will continue to flow unabated as normal.  However, when the milling and paving operations are underway, Ocean Drive will be closed to traffic and all traffic will be detoured to Dune Drive.

The roadway will be restriped similar to existing upon completion and continental style crosswalks that look like piano keys will be installed across Ocean Drive at all intersections.  No changes to the roadway alignment and no pavement widening is proposed.

Work will be performed within the existing right of way of County Road 619 (Ocean Drive) and or within the right of way of the intersecting municipal street.  The County secured a construction easement to allow for work on Avalon Borough’s streets and property.

Asphalt Paving Systems will be starting at 46th Street and working their way south to 62nd Street during the spring.  This section is to be completed by June 9, 2017.  If Asphalt Paving Systems completes this work ahead of schedule, they may move up to 46th Street and being working their way north.  In any event, the project will be shut down for the summer season on June 9th, 2017 and resume in the latter part of September, 2017.

Friday, September 16th, 2016:  Power Point Presentations by Municipal, County Engineers Regarding Ocean Drive Project

Avalon Municipal Engineer Tom Thornton from Mott MacDonald and Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster will both appear at the meeting on Saturday, September 17th, at 9:00am at Avalon Community Hall to discuss this project.  Tom will focus on the Borough’s effort to replace the sewer main under Ocean Drive in advance of the County’s reconstruction of the roadway; that reconstruction effort will be discussed by Dale.  Here are the two presentations to be made at the meeting for the public’s review:

opens in a new windowOcean drive (cr619) resurfacing improvements SEPT 17

Ocean Drive Sanitary Sewer System Upgrades

Thursday, September 8th, 2016:  AHLOA, Borough to Offer Information Meeting Regarding Ocean Drive Project

The Avalon Home and Land Owners Association and the Borough of Avalon will be hosting an informational meeting regarding a 2017 Ocean Drive Reconstruction Project in the Borough of Avalon.  A portion of Ocean Drive from 29th Street south to 61st Street will be reconstructed by the County of Cape May (this is a County road, and a County project).  In advance of the project, the Borough of Avalon intends to replace sewer service to provide adequate service for many years to come.  The meeting will be held on Saturday, September 17th, at 9:00am at Avalon Community Hall.  Property owners and the general public are both invited to attend the meeting to learn more about this project and how it will impact the Borough.  Below is a letter describing the project and the notice about the public meeting that was direct mailed to all property owners along Ocean Drive from 29th Street to 61st Street.  Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster and Avalon Municipal Engineer Tom Thornton from Mott MacDonald will be making presentations to discuss the project and will be able to answer any questions you may have.  Thank you.

September 7, 2016

Dear Avalon Property Owner:

Please allow this letter to serve as notice that there will be a significant construction project along a portion of Ocean Drive adjacent to your property during the Winter/Spring, and late Summer/Fall, 2017.  Ocean Drive (CR619) is a roadway operated and maintained by the County of Cape May.  The portion of Ocean Drive from 29th Street south to 62nd Street will receive new sewer service from the Borough in advance of reconstruction of the roadway by the County. 

The sewer project will be finished before the summer of 2017.  The resurfacing of the roadway is expected to begin in March, 2017 and continue through the middle of June, 2017 before being suspended for the summer season.  Work will resume in September, 2017 until completion.  It is anticipated that this project will begin at 29th Street and move in a southerly direction.

This project will also result in a partial elevation of Ocean Drive that will include the replacement of sidewalks, curbs, and driveway aprons from 30th Street to 41st Street, and replacement of some curbs south of 41st Street.  New drainage, which in some cases will be placed on the backside of the sidewalk in the right of way, will be added to help alleviate nuisance flooding caused by rain events in this section of Ocean Drive.  This new elevation and drainage may also help alleviate issues with minor tidal flooding events.

It is important for you to know that this work will impact the public right of way adjacent to your property which is measured 35 feet from the center of Ocean Drive in an east or west direction.  Pavers, lawns, stones, landscaping, fences, signs, etc.  will be disturbed, in some locations, by the road reconstruction project in the existing right of way.  It is in your best interest to determine the line between your property and the public right of way in advance of the road reconstruction project. If you need help determining the line between your property and the right of way, please visit the Avalon Zoning Office at Avalon Borough Hall or call (609) 967-5754. You may also find your property line on your survey; it can also be determined by a professional surveyor.

Updates on this project are posted under a special “2017 Ocean Drive Project” link provided on Avalon’s municipal website,  The Avalon Home and Land Owners Association and the Borough are holding a meeting at Avalon Community Hall on Saturday, September 17th, at 9:00am to provide more information on this project.

Monday, August 15th, 2016 Update:  County Presents Plan to Resurface Portion of Ocean Drive in Avalon

Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster appeared at the Wednesday, August 10th meeting of the Avalon Borough Council to present details about a pending project to resurface a portion of Ocean Drive in Avalon.  Ocean Drive is a county road, maintained and operated by the County of Cape May, in the Borough of Avalon.  The County intends to conduct a project that costs nearly $4 million that will result in Ocean Drive being milled and repaved from 29th Street south to 62nd. Street.  Funding for this project will be provided by the federal government.  All handicapped access ramps will be updated in the project area.  The County intends to slightly elevate the portion of Ocean Drive from 31st Street south to 40th Street where nuisance flooding occurs during minor high tide events to significant rainstorms.  In this elevated area of the project, all curbs, sidewalks, and driveway aprons will be replaced.  It is the intention of the County to also provide drainage in the public right of way on properties in this nine-block area.  This project is expected to start sometime in Spring, 2017 (March is the target date) and be suspended in June, 2017 for the summer season; then, the contractor will return to finish the project in Fall, 2017.

It is the intentions of the Borough of Avalon to conduct a replacement of the sanitary sewer line in this project area in advance of the road being resurfaced.  Borough Council is also considering the replacement of the water main in this project as well.

The scope and timing of this project is being conducted by the County of Cape May.  The Borough of Avalon will provide more information about this project as additional details become available.

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