The Borough will be replacing two deteriorated street-end bulkheads at the following locations:  1)  32nd Street at Ocean Drive, and 2) Fifth Avenue at 24th Street.  Work is scheduled to begin at the 32nd Street bulkhead on March 20th.  The work will include removal of the existing bulkhead and construction of a new, composite sheet pile bulkhead.  Following completion of the 32nd Street bulkhead, work will begin on the Fifth Avenue bulkhead.

In order to minimize disturbance at the street ends, both bulkhead will utilize helical pile anchors.  The bulkheads will be constructed to the required elevation of 7.0 (NAVD 88 datum).  The Contractor will maintain the functionality of the existing stormwater system throughout the duration of the work, and will limit the disturbance to the maximum extent practicable.

The work is being performed by Wickberg Marine Contracting, Inc. or Belford, New Jersey.