Townsend’s Inlet Bridge

The following information was provided to the Borough of Avalon on Thursday, February 28th regarding the next two weeks of construction on the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge that connects northern Avalon to Sea Isle City.  This is a County-owned bridge and repairs are under the jurisdiction of the County.

Two week look ahead for work at  Townsends Inlet Spans 1-7 replacement 2/28/19 thru 3/14/19

Since the last update, the contractor has installed all of the south abutment piles, formed the abutment and poured the abutment. The contractor has completed the removal of the underwater salvage debris out of the proposed work location and has begun the removal of the debris.  The contractor has driven the remaining 4 support piles for proposed piers #3 and #4, and has restored rip rap material back around these piles. They have also stripped the forms from new pier 1.

Over the next two weeks, the contractor will complete the riprap slope protection at the southerly abutment, and should have it ready for accepting the new precast stringers. The piles at piers #2 and #3 will be cleaned out, reinforcement set, and the piles will be poured with concrete. In addition, they expect to set the forms for pier cap 2 and 3 and anticipate pouring concrete for these pier caps at the end of this two-week look ahead. The contractor anticipates working 3 shifts (24hrs/day) Monday thru Friday and double shifts on Saturdays for the foreseeable future so long as there is work that can be completed.