Wednesday, June 8th Update:

The Avalon sand back passing project will end this week.  Avalon’s municipal engineer reports that the sand hauling on the Borough’s beachfront will conclude mid-morning on Thursday, June 9th.  Bulldozers will remain on the beach during the day Thursday to perform final grading of the beach.  On Friday, June 10th, the contractor intends to remove the road plates currently covering the outfall pipes, and will fill in sand under the pier.  Equipment will be demobilized on Friday; if the work does not get done Friday, the equipment will be removed on Monday.  Some scarping of the new beach can be expected after the final quantities of sand are placed on the beach which is a natural occurrence as the sand and water create an equilibrium.  Avalon thanks its contractor Mount Construction for operating a safe and efficient project that will conclude a week before the end of the contract, even with additional sand quantities added.  All beach paths will be open to the public once the equipment is off the beach.  No work will be done on our beach this Saturday and Sunday with all paths open.

Monday, June 6th Update:

The Avalon sand back passing project could end by Friday, June 10th.  Avalon’s contractor, Mount Construction, has made significant progress on the project and it is possible all of the sand hauling may conclude on Thursday, June 9th with contractor demobilization from the beach on Friday, June 10th.  That depends on progress made Tuesday through Thursday, June 7-9th.  Final grading and demobilization may occur Friday.  Even with additional sand added to the project, it may conclude a week ahead of the scheduled end of the contract.

The Borough will move over 70,000 cubic yards of sand by the time the project ends.  Sand was moved from a borrow area just south of the Fishing Pier to severely eroded beaches between 9-16th streets.  The project was necessary after nearly two weeks of northeasterly winds in early May that eliminated the protective beach.

Until Thursday, beach paths that continue to be open south of the fill area and north of the borrow area are 17th, 20th, 25th, and 30th streets.  Other beach paths are closed in that area for safety so the contractor is aware of where people enter the beach.  The public is strongly encouraged to only use beach paths that area open and to be aware that trucks will be on the beach until Friday.  Please set your beach chairs and blankets away from tire tracks on the sand and do not walk into areas where trucks are moving sand on the beach.  If you wish to avoid all of the project activity, select a beach path south of 39th Street to 80th Street where no work is being done. No work is done on Saturdays or Sundays.

Safety is always our number one concern in Avalon.  We thank our partners at Mount Construction for operating a safe and efficient project in behalf of the Borough.  Remember, only enter the ocean in the presence of a member of the Avalon Beach Patrol.