Holiday Beach Tag Program Concludes, Pre-Season Beach Tag Sales Begin March 1, 2017

The Borough of Avalon has sold all of its available supplies of holiday beach tags.  Happy holidays to your family, and we hope they make marvelous holiday gifts.

Avalon Tax Collector Alexis Coan announced that her office will begin accepting mail-in or in person payments for 2017 pre-season holiday beach tags on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.  Payments made be made in person or via mail for the 2017 beach tags.  You will be provided with a receipt that can be redeemed at the Avalon Beach Tag Office when it opens in the spring.  Cash or checks are accepted in person made payable to the “Borough of Avalon”; checks are recommended via mail.  Credit cards are not accepted.  The pre-season beach tag price will be $23 for each seasonal beach tag.  Please be advised that the Tax Collector’s Office cannot receive any payments for pre-season beach tags in advance of March 1st, 2017.

Veterans and active military who wish to take advantage of the Borough’s free beach tag program do not need to get a receipt in advance; simply provide sufficient documentation to the Avalon Beach Tag Office when it opens in the spring for the free beach tag.

Avalon will soon launch a phone app that will allow beachgoers to purchase their beach tags from their smart phones that includes a small service charge.  Keep checking this website for additional details.