Project Update:  December 30, 2021

Work will be completed the week of Jan 3rd 2022 from 66th to 64th including all intersection crossing work as well as any remaining fire hydrants.

Daily Temporary paving will be completed as required by the end of next week.

Mobilizing for sewer work will begin after.

Project Update:  December 12, 2021

The contractor intends to continue with water main work from 71st street past 69th this week; water main work has been completed from 80th Street north to 71st Street.  Pressure testing is expected to occur on Wednesday, December 15th.

Project Update:  December 3, 2021

The contractor will continue work on the new water service from 74th Street to 69th Street.  That part of Ocean Drive remains closed but is open to local traffic.  Materials associated with the replacement of the sanitary sewer service will arrive early next week.  These materials will be used from 80th Street north to 77th Street.  Daily paving is being done at the end of the day to satisfy the contract requirements.

Project Update:  November 19, 2021

The contractor has installed the new water main for residents from 80th Street north to the intersection at 77th Street.  Daily paving continues on all trench work and is up to date.

During the week of November 22nd (Thanksgiving week), various pressure testing will take place on Monday.  There will be pipe installation from 77th Street north to 76th Street, and this work is anticipated to be completed, weather permitting.  Daily paving will occur through Wednesday.  There will be no construction work from late Wednesday afternoon through Sunday for the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.  Road work will be tightened up and equipment will be secured.

Watermain installation is complete from 80th through 77th street intersection
Dailey paving is installed on all trench work up to date.

A pre-construction meeting was held on Friday, September 17th, 2021 regarding an upcoming project that will impact a portion of Ocean Drive from 62nd Street south to 80th Street.  This street is a county road.  The Borough of Avalon will replace a majority of water and sewer underneath the roadway in advance of the County of Cape May doing drainage improvements before a complete resurfacing of the roadway.  The Borough’s water and sewer work will be conducted by Lafayette Utility Construction Company, Inc. of Egg Harbor Township who is familiar with the infrastructure in our community.

At the conclusion of this project, individuals living along that portion of Ocean Drive will have new water and sewer service, improved drainage, and a new road surface on both sides of Ocean Drive.

The project is expected to begin with major construction work on or about after Columbus Day weekend, in mid-October.  Before the construction work begins, various test pits will be installed.  All work done by Lafayette, by contract, must be completed by May 25, 2022.  The County will follow Avalon’s work and is expected to begin its drainage improvements in Spring, 2022, break for the summer, return in the fall of 2022, with an anticipated completion in May, 2023.

Lafayette will be working a schedule of Monday-Friday, 7:00am-3:30pm most days.  As of now, no work is contemplated on weekends.  Both water and sewer replacement work is expected to begin at 74th Street, and move south to 80th Street.  After that is completed, work will again commence at 74th Street, and move north to 62nd Street.  Once the project begins with actual construction, the contractor is expected to provide the Borough with a one week “look ahead” on where work is anticipated the following week.

Regular trash and recycling collection is expected to be uninterrupted during this work, and residents will have access to their driveways during this work.  The only exception will be when the contractor must work in front of a driveway which typically is for a very short time.  There will small dewatering pipes running down the curbline at the beginning of the project.  The contractor will make sure temporary ramps are located at driveways for ease of access.  Lafayette will also have door hangars placed on doors to notify residents when the project will start.  Avalon will maintain an inspector on site at all times to handle any individual issues, and address concerns.

Interruptions of water service will occur when when a home is being hooked up to the new water line.  Those outages are not expected to last more than three hours.  Major excavation debris will be hauled off site and out of our community daily.  There will be a temporary staging area at a portion of Bay Park Marina.  Access to the boat ramp will be available at all times during this project.

Additionally, all homes in this area will be part of the Borough’s efforts to replace all water meters with “smart” meters.  The water meter installation project will likely conclude by the end of March, 2022.