County Updates on Ocean Drive Construction, Townsend’s Inlet Bridge, Other Avalon Projects

Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster provided the Borough of Avalon with updates on various construction projects on County owned and operated facilities in Avalon.  Shall you require any further information, please contact the Office of the Cape May County Engineer at (609) 465-1035.

Reconstruction of Ocean Drive:

The paving subcontractor to Asphalt Paving Systems is tentatively scheduled to start the milling and base paving of Ocean Drive from 46th Street to 34th Street by Wednesday, April 18th.  It is also anticipated that they will be completing the surface course paving from at least 62nd Street to 46th Street sometime during the week of April 23rd.  Asphalt Paving Systems continues to conduct the concrete work from 34th Street northward to 29th Street.  Restoration of areas being impacted by construction is also being addressed.  The project will result in new sewer service provided by Avalon which has been completed; the County is providing and responsible for the sidewalk, curbing, new street surface, and additional drainage to help alleviate nuisance flooding.

Townsend’s Inlet Bridge:

The Townsend’s Inlet Bridge is closed as of this date, Thursday, April 12th to allow for a railing replacement project to be conducted on the movable span.  The Bridge is expected to return to one lane operation with a signaled traffic control on or before April 23rd.  The project will be suspended in early June at which time the bridge returns to a full two-lane operation.  Some spans on the Avalon side of the bridge will be replaced with that work likely occurring in September, 2018.  It is anticipated that the County will put this project out to bid in June and work would begin after Labor Day; the Bridge will likely be closed from late September, 2018 through mid-may, 2019.

High Span Bridge on Avalon Boulevard:

Avalon Boulevard is a County owned and operated roadway.  The County earlier this year awarded a construction project involving the high span bridge that will begin in September.  It is an anticipated that this project will have no impact on traffic as nearly all work will be performed from barges in the water below.

21st and 25th Street Bridges:

The Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders has awarded a design contract to Michael Baker International to address erosion damage and substructure repairs to the 21st and 25th street bridges in Avalon.  No additional information is available at this time; the bridges are safe and operational.