Council Vice President McCorristin Joins Students For Dune Grass Planting April 3rd

Avalon residents, property owners, volunteers, and students all participated in the annual dune grass planting event held on Saturday, April 1st, and again on Monday, April 3rd.  Over 10,000 dune grass plants were placed in the Avalon dune system from 31st Street south to 33rd Street during this two-day event.

“The Avalon dune grass planting event is a very important initiative by the Avalon Environmental Commission”, said Council Vice President John McCorristin, who joined students for the event on Monday.  “The students were able to learn the benefits about having a healthy, vibrant ecosystem in the dunes and the important role the dunes play in the protection of our community”.

Each year, the Avalon Environmental Commission holds a spring and fall dune grass planting event where new dune grass is needed.  This year, students at the Avalon Elementary School became engaged in the process and placed 2,000 dune grass plants in the dunes by using a special tool developed to create the impression in the sand before the dune grass is planted.

Avalon maintains one of the most resilient coastal dune systems on the east coast of the United States.  The Avalon Environmental Commission created a Dune and Beach Education Trail on two beach paths in Avalon with interpretive signs that discuss the natural environment in the dunes and the ecological benefit offered to the community.

The Avalon Department of Public Works and the Avalon Department of Recreation supported the Avalon Environmental Commission with this event.

Photos by Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl.