The Avalon Borough Council approved a contract with Asphalt Paving Systems, of Hammonton, New Jersey for construction work on three streets in the Borough.  The meeting was held Wednesday, October 16th.

The contract requires Asphalt Paving Systems to conduct paving of three streets including Fifth Avenue south of 42nd Street (paving and concrete); 68th Street from Dune Drive to Ocean Drive (paving, concrete, and sewer), and 47th Street from Dune Drive to Ocean Drive (paving/concrete/water/sewer/stormwater).  The Borough received a grant totaling $150,000 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for work on 68th Street.  The total cost of the project is $1,967,600.  The construction timeline will require Asphalt Paving Systems to complete the work on or before May 18, 2020.

Property owners on these streets should be aware that construction activity will occur during the fall/winter/early spring season.  We will post more specific timelines on this work within in late October/early November, after a pre-construction meeting with the contractor.