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Thursday, October 30th Update–Essential Documents and Information Released for Dredging Project

The Borough of Avalon held a pre-construction meeting on Monday, October 27th with officials from Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. from Chester, PA. The meeting was held to discuss essential details about the upcoming back bay dredging project involving the Borough of Avalon, Middle Township, and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. As a result of the meeting, essential information was gleaned from the contractor relating to this project. As a result, the Borough of Avalon has prepared four documents for property owners who may wish to have thier private slips dredged at their expense during the project. These documents are listed below.

Some of the major developments of the pre-construction meeting include:

-Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. was issued an official “Notice to Proceed” from the Borough of Avalon at the conclusion of the meeting.

-The dredging project will begin at a point to be determined in Princeton Harbor, and it is likely that only Princeton Harbor will be dredged in 2014 before the contractor returns in September, 2015.

-The actual dredging work is expected to begin on or about Thanksgiving weekend and continue until December 31st, 2014.

-It is the intention of Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. to dredge Monday through Saturday, 24 hours a day, with only one break day of Sunday. Dredging operations will occur on Sunday only if “catch up” time is needed.

There are four documents for property owners in the project area to review. All four of these documents will be direct mailed to property owners in the area with the first mailing to Princeton Harbor on Friday, October 31st. The documents include a “must do” checklist for homeowners; a “Welcome” letter from the Borough explaining how private slips may be dredged; a release that must be completed and signed by the property owner; and an access agreement that must be completed and signed by the property owner.

Please keep in mind that it is imperative that the access agreement, the release, and a $300 check made payable to the Borough of Avalon (escrow funding for pre and post dredging inspections mandated by our permits) must be mailed or dropped off to the administrative offices of Avalon Borough Hall before the contractor dredges your private slip. The same documents that are being mailed to propery owners appear below on this website. Your direct mail piece will include two-sided documents for your convenience so please be sure to read, complete, and sign both sides of essential documents before returning (only the private slips release and access agreement need to be signed and returned). Property owners of Princeton Harbor must complete this process before dredging operations reach the channel along their property. Under no condition will the dredge pass by a property and return back to dredge a boat slip. Property owners have the ability to negotiate directly with Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. on a price to have a private slip dredged; their contact information is on documents posted below.

2014 Avalon Dredging Project WELCOME LETTER

2014 Avalon Dredging Project TO DO CHECKLIST

2014 Avalon Dredging Project ACCESS AGREEMENT

2014 Avalon Dredging Project PRIVATE SLIPS RELEASE