The Avalon Borough Council approved a resolution that will result in the solicitation of bids for a downtown beautification project scheduled for this spring in the community.  This project will result in a major replanting initiative of various plants, flowers, and trees that will revitalize and beautify the downtown business district from 34th Street north to 19th Street, along Dune Drive.

Nearly 20 years ago, Avalon created a downtown business district with various plantings on traffic islands and streetscape elements with pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and other amenities.  Due to heavy pedestrian traffic and and weather events, it is necessary to replace many of these plantings.

The replanting plan was created by Taylor Design Group who worked with Mayor Pagliughi on this initiative.  It is intended that the work will be substantially completed before Mother’s Day weekend.

Here is the presentation that was provided to Avalon Borough Council during its January 27, 2021 meeting:

1.22.2021 Dune Dr Planting Council Presentation