Avalon residents should not be alarmed if they see an airplane “buzzing” the beachfront tentatively between the dates of October 22-26th, 2018.  The airplane will be dropping non-toxic, pellet-form fertilizer on Avalon’s dune grass from 8th through 80th streets.  Weather conditions will dictate which date the fertilization will occur.  On one of those days, the airplane will appear at approximately 7:00am and will make five flyovers in 20-30 minute intervals; the entire process takes up to two and a half hours.

Fertilization of Avalon’s dune grass is necessary if it is to survive, and fall applications have been recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture.  Aerial fertilization has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration office in Millville and will be given final authorization by the FAA Flight Standards Office in the Philadelphia the morning the flight is to be made.