After working with leadership at the Avalon Volunteer Fire Department, Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi has announced a new streamlined system that will reduce the number of audible fire alarms in the municipality by approximately 70 percent, or more.  This new system is embodied in a mayoral executive order that went into effect on Thursday, July 30th, 2020.

“One of the common nuisance complaints in seashore municipalities involves the number of audible fire alarms that are heard by the community, especially during the busy summer months”, Pagliughi said.  “The Borough and the volunteers worked together on a new system that will greatly reduce the number of sirens with zero impact on public safety, or response times”.  Pagliughi has been a longtime member of the Avalon Volunteer Fire Department.

The new system will eliminate audible sirens for very common occurrences that rarely result in a true emergency.  Sirens are eliminated for common fire/smoke/carbon monoxide alarms that are called in to dispatch for investigation by the fire department.  These calls, on average, represent approximately 75 percent of the annual call volume throughout the year yet still require a response by the fire department.  Sirens will still be heard for any type of actual fire, landing zone assignment, motor vehicle accident rescue/extrication, or water rescue.  These calls all require multiple apparatus for an appropriate incident staffing.

“All of the volunteers at the fire department appreciate Mayor Pagliughi’s efforts on this new system”, said Avalon Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ed Dean.  “Our volunteers are equipped with a special cell phone app and with radios for complete redundancy when a response is needed.  Through the Borough’s successful stipend program, the Mayor has also agreed to provide opportunities for more volunteers to be physically at the fire house during anticipated busier times to improve response even further”.

The Avalon Volunteer Fire Department invites members of our community to become active volunteers.  For additional information on fire department activities, visit, or email Chief Dean at