Avalon Rescue Squad

Kevin Scarpa, MICP
Rescue Squad Coordinator

The Avalon Rescue Squad is an Emergency Medical Service provider licensed by the NJ Dept. of Health. Our goal is to provide the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care to the citizens and guests of Avalon in time of illness, injury, crisis, or disaster. This professional service is rendered 24-hour-a-day utilizing the highest standards of training and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Avalon Rescue Squad staff constantly makes every effort to improve its efficiency of operation, standard of conduct, and quality of character. Our success in this mission is supported by the commitment from our community leadership and the dedication of our highly trained and devoted personnel.

The Borough of Avalon staffs the Avalon Rescue Squad with two (2) certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) at all times. The primary responsibility of this “duty-crew” is to respond to life-threatening emergencies within the jurisdiction of Avalon and, if requested, its neighboring municipalities. Additional staff can be summoned if a second ambulance is requested. The Avalon Rescue Squad does not charge any fee for its service.

The NJ Dept. of Health prohibits municipalities from operating Advanced Life Support units or providing Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The Avalon Rescue Squad operates as a tiered response. An Advanced Life Support Unit operated by AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center is simultaneously dispatched to all emergencies where the patient’s condition may warrant advanced treatment.

All Avalon ambulances and police cars are equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). Additionally, the Avalon Rescue Squad has spearheaded an effort to place these AEDs in places of public assembly where they may be used by trained persons prior to the arrival of first responders. Including our ambulances, we have 26 AEDs in service in municipal buildings, recreation facilities, the elementary school and churches. Additionally, the Avalon Rescue Squad maintains three AEDs in churches and one in the elementary school in the Borough of Stone Harbor.

All of the ambulances and AEDs purchased by the Avalon Rescue Squad were funded solely by private donations from our home owners and residents. With your continued support, we are able to provide the best equipment to render the highest standard of care to our patients. We thank all of our benefactors for their incredible generosity and we will strive to continue to improve the services we provide to the community.

If you should have any additional questions about the Avalon Rescue Squad, contact Police Chief William McCormick at (609) 967-3411 or Rescue Squad Coordinator Kevin Scarpa at the number above.

RS 11-91

RS 11-92

1998 Ford/Wheeled Coach

RS 11-76

1995 HUMMER/Refurb
Beach Rescue and Flood Response

This 1995 unit was previously used by a medial transport agency in the Appalachian Mountains. It was purchased by the Avalon Rescue Squad, Inc. and refurbished by the dedicated staff of Avalon Public Works. It is an exceptional tool which enhances our capability to respond during hurricanes, northeasters and blizzards, in addition to on the soft sand of our beaches, which are times and places that would challenge our standard fleet. This vehicle and all of its appurtenances were purchased exclusively with private donations to the Avalon Rescue Squad, Inc.

In the summer of 2006, Avalon EMS responded to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest on the 40th street beach path. The patient was found with no pulse and not breathing. Initial CPR and Defibrillation restored pulses, and follow-up care proved successful. One year later, Peter Weber had made a full recovery. He is pictured here with the EMTs from his call, Robin Camp (L), Victoria Mossbrook and Hugh McElroy. Both Mr. Weber and his daughter made very generous donations to the Avalon Rescue Squad, but for our EMTs, his presence is reward enough.

The Avalon Rescue Squad received a gracious donation of $3,500 from Mrs. Ann Grillo. The funds were raised at the annual Joseph N. Grillo Memorial Golf Tournament. The Avalon Rescue Squad relies heavily on donations for the purchase of vehicles and medical equipment. Pictured are members of the Avalon Rescue Squad accepting a check from Mrs. Grillo (l-r) Walt Mikota, Annemarie McCormick, Ed Dean, Rick Dean, Ed Taylor, Hugh McElroy, Chief Kevin Scarpa, William Martin, Robin Camp, Mrs. Ann Grillo, Jonathan Schwartz, Mayor Martin Pagliughi and Nicholas DiFulgo.

The Avalon Rescue Squad is a 501c3 exempt organization.
Avalon Rescue Squad, PO Box 233, Avalon, NJ 08202
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