The Borough of Avalon stands atop the list of 40 communities in the Atlantic County Joint Insurance Fund (ACMJIF) regarding the number of safety training courses taken by its employees.  Through the end of September, 2018, Avalon municipal employees have participated in 646 training sessions which is the most among Fund members.  Avalon employees have accounted for 520 online training sessions which is the highest among any of the member communities.  Employees also have 126 classroom visits, third overall in the ACMJIF.

“This commitment to the safety program in our community reduces exposure to liability and represents a direct savings to our taxpayers due to fewer claims”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “This safety program is another example of how our employees work hard in behalf of our community which has a direct impact on the quality of life we all enjoy”.

Avalon has a Safety Committee chaired by Fire Official Ed Dean that meets monthly at the Tennis Building on 39th Street.  Representatives from Public Works, Recreation, Police, Fire, Rescue, Library, History Center, Code Enforcement, Administration, and Construction attend these monthly meetings to review safety procedures and implement new safety measures that address day to day and special event activities in the Borough.

The ACMJIF is rewarding its member communities with dividend checks in 2018 due to their exemplary safety programs.  Avalon is receiving a dividend of $67,162 which will be applied to the 2019 assessment.

The Borough is very active in the ACMJIF’s new wellness program that encourages employees to be healthier in order to reduce the amount of workplace injuries.  Over the past two years, the Avalon Department of Recreation has implemented various challenges to employees, including weight loss and walking events to encourage overall fitness.  The Borough receives an annual $1,000 stipend from the ACMJIF to finance the implement wellness programs.

Avalon has applied its $1,500 optional safety budget funded by the ACMJIF to purchase first aid kits that will be placed in all vehicles operated by the Avalon Department of Public Works.  The kits will assist any employees who receive a minor injury during their day to day operations.  The ACMJIF also awarded Avalon $2,150 in 2018 as part of its aggressive Safety Incentive Program as a reward to the Borough for its various safety programs.

“Safety is not a sometimes task, it’s an everyday task and has become the culture among employees in the Borough”, Dean said.  “The 646 training sessions through a nine-month period demonstrates that we take safety matters seriously, and they are addressed every day in our departments”.

The Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund is a shared services agreement among municipalities that provides coverage for property, liability, and workman’s compensation.  Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl sits on the Executive Board of the ACMJIF and also hosts the quarterly Safety Committee meetings among all ACMJIF members in Avalon