Avalon’s new drop box, along with Avalon Tax Collector Ally Coan and Avalon Tax Clerk Eleanor Cifaloglio

The Borough of Avalon is making it more convenient to drop off tax, and water/sewer payments to the Avalon Tax Office.  A new secure drop box is available in front of Avalon Borough Hall, at 32nd Street and Dune Drive in Avalon.  This service is in addition to making payments inside Borough Hall during normal business hours, and the Borough’s electronic and direct debit payment programs that are currently offered.

“This fulfills a request made by many property owners who are often in town not during regular business hours who wish to make various payments to the Borough”, said Avalon Chief Financial Officer Jim Craft.  “This drop box can be used on nights and weekends as an added convenience for those who wish to make payments.  During regular business hours, we encourage individuals to come inside Borough Hall and make the payments to the Tax Office personnel for same-day processing”.

Avalon property owners who wish to make either tax payments or water/sewer payments can make checks payable to “The Borough of Avalon” in a sealed envelope with the appropriate coupon, or include the block, lot, and qualifier, if applicable.  The drop box will be emptied every business day at 8:30am, and the date of collection will be the interest date, if applicable.  Individuals who are making payments after the grace period can contact the Avalon Tax Collector’s Office at (609) 967-967-4045 to determine the proper payment amount.  Water and sewer payments will be mailed to the Borough’s lock box on the date of collection.

The Borough of Avalon also allows property owners to pay property taxes electronically via the Tax Collector’s link on the municipal website, www.avalonboro.net.  For additional convenience, customers can also set up a direct debit program on the website to pay taxes, and soon will be able to make water/sewer payments through direct debit.  Taxes are due quarterly on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st of each year.  There is traditionally a ten-day grace period for late tax payments.

Photo:  Avalon Tax Collector Ally Coan and Tax Clerk Eleanor Cifaloglio next to Avalon’s new drop box.  Photo by Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl.