Avalon’s new weather station

The Avalon Office of Emergency Management has installed a new weather system that provides continual weather monitoring and maintains historical data for the Borough for many years to come.  A new Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station has been installed on the radio tower adjacent to the public safety building.  It is 65 feet above the ground and is well clear of surrounding roofs and raised structures to provide accurate real time wind speed and direction.

“This weather station will be a very valuable tool for our local office of emergency management as we prepare for, and monitor, severe weather conditions in Avalon”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “The station also will provide historical data that will help us make the best decisions for both short term and long term resiliency projects to protect public and private property”.

The weather station is both web and app based and is free to any user.  A link to the current and past weather conditions in Avalon is available on the Borough’s emergency management website, www.avalonemergency.org, and on the Borough’s municipal website, www.avalonboro.net.  Any individual can download the Davis weather app “Weatherlink 2.0” on their Android or Apple cell phone to check current conditions at any moment.

“This will provide a tremendous service for Avalon residents and property owners who wish to check on real time conditions in our community during dangerous storm conditions”, said Avalon Emergency Management Coordinator Ed Dean.  “The information is uploaded to a free, third-party website via a satellite internet connection so it will continue to record and archive weather conditions in the event of the loss of traditional internet services in the Borough during a severe weather event”.

The Borough of Avalon uses many media channels to provide information to the public during storm events, including both websites; the official Facebook page for the Borough of Avalon; Comcast local public access Channel 97; 1630AM radio; and Code Red emergency telephone alerts.  Complete advisories and actionable items during storm events, including the Borough’s own flood risk map, are always available first at www.avalonemergency.org.