The Borough of Avalon has completed the execution of a $30,000 grant from the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, New Jersey Forestry Service to plant 89 new trees at key locations throughout the community.  The new trees provide both environmental and aesthetic enrichment for the Borough and culminates a cooperative effort that involved Borough employees, professionals, and volunteers who have been involved in this project.

Trees adjacent to basketball courts

“The execution of this tree planting program was to accomplish goals in Avalon’s Community Forestry Management Plan”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “I want to thank the Tree Committee of the Avalon Environmental Commission, and the entire Commission for their assistance with our professionals for the successful planting of the trees through the spring season”.

Careful attention was paid to the tree selection and the availability of trees from various suppliers to ensure that the program was a success.  Trees were planted in both the fall, 2018 and spring, 2019; the Borough has a two-year window to monitor the establishment of the tree plantings.  The implementation of the grant involved trees that are native where possible and resistant to the impacts resulting from coastal storms, flooding, and high salt levels in the tree environment.  Trees were planted in locations where attrition was caused by previous storm events.

Tree planting locations included, but were not limited to, sections of Dune Drive and Ocean Drive in the community; along the east side of Ocean Drive adjacent to the recreation complex between 10th-12th streets; on the traffic island along 30th Street between Ocean and Dune drives; and on the west side of Dune Drive next to the 39th Street tennis court complex.  Tree species included, but were not limited to, Skyline Locust; Red Oak; Willow Oak; London Plane; Eastern Red Cedar; Crape Myrtle; and Japanese Lilac.

The program was implemented under the direction of the Avalon Department of Public Works with guidance from Lomax and Associates and Taylor Design Group.  Plantings were conducted by Bayshore Landscaping and Public Works.  Actively involved in the tree selection and location for the grant was the Tree Committee of the Avalon Environmental Commission, and the entire body of the Avalon Environmental Commission.

Public Works planting trees