Avalon First in the State to Partner With Foundation for Sunscreen Dispensers

The Borough of Avalon has partnered with the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation to provide two sunscreen application dispensers in advance of the summer season.  The units will be located adjacent to the Avalon Beach Tag Booth at 30th Street and the beach, and at the Borough’s popular 39th Street Playground.  The machines will contain free 30spf sunscreen for the public and remind individuals about the importance of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

“We want to thank Avalon resident Elyse Focht for making a suggestion to partner with the Foundation to help provide a safer outdoor experience”, said Avalon Department of Recreation Director Chuck McDonnell.  “We want to gauge the interest in these sunscreen dispensers and potentially add them to additional locations in our community in the future.  We are hopeful the dispensers also continue discussions between parents and children about the importance of proper protection before a day on the beach, or the playground”.

Elyse was watching the broadcast of a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game and heard Phillies’ Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt discuss his personal battle with the effects of skin cancer.  Schmidt is now a vocal proponent of discussing the dangers of extreme and prolonged exposure to the sun and how a little protection can go a long way towards a healthier life.

“This was an excellent suggestion by Elyse and we are thankful for bringing this idea forward in the Borough”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “These dispensers will be very useful in public education and conversations about how to better protect the public from the potential harmful and damaging effects to prolonged exposure to the sun”.

The Borough reached out to the Foundation to better understand how the dispensers can be placed in key locations.  The Avalon Department of Recreation will maintain the dispensers and refill them when necessary.  The Foundation confirms Avalon is the first community in New Jersey to establish a partnership with the Foundation to provide the dispensers.

About Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation: 

The Richard David Kann (RDK) Melanoma Foundation has been working locally and nationally for over 23 years to educate students grades K-12 on the importance of sun safe behavior and raise awareness about the life-saving techniques for early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma, its deadliest form.  Their newest initiative involves the distribution of sunscreen dispensers in parks, beaches, schools, and outdoor areas, where sun exposure is excessive.  Today RDK and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt are working to build sun safe cities and baseball stadiums by supporting the distribution of sunscreen dispensers and awareness, building off the successful program launched in Philadelphia in spring 2017. Deborah Kann Schwarzberg is Founder and President of the RDK Melanoma Foundation.   To learn more visit melanomafoundation.com or call 561-655-9655.