Avalon Council Approves New Municipal Budget, Zero Tax Increase

Avalon Borough Council President Dr. Nancy Hudanich presents the 2017 Avalon municipal budget to the public during a meeting on March 22nd. Photo by Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl

The Avalon Borough Council presented and unanimously approved the 2017 municipal budget for the Borough during its meeting on Wednesday, March 22nd.  The budget totals $27.8 million and includes no increase in the local purpose tax rate.  The Avalon municipal tax rate remains at 22.6 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

“This budget provides a smart, practical, and economical approach to maintaining the high quality of life Avalon residents enjoy while providing an even higher level of services”, said Avalon Borough Council President Dr. Nancy Hudanich.  “Essential and necessary projects are funded, the Borough maintains its outstanding municipal bond rating, and provides new progressive solutions to needs in our community”.

The amount of the budget to be collected by property taxes is $16,950,000.  The Borough continues its “pay as you go” approach to capital projects with higher down payments and less debt.  Avalon maintains an AAA bond rating from Standard and Poor’s which provides very low interest rates on debt.

Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi and Borough Council have worked to bring more than $10,000,000 in funding for necessary capital projects over the past year including one of the largest beach fill projects in Borough history; new infrastructure for utilities; FEMA funding to repair the 8th Street Jetty; and repairs and resiliency to the infrastructure and roadway along a portion of Ocean Drive.

“Avalon elected officials have a fiduciary duty to seek and implement shared services agreements and partnerships to reduce the municipal tax burden while improving services to our residents”, said Avalon Council Vice President John McCorristin.  “By creating these partnerships we are able to effective manage the Borough’s finances that will benefit all property owners for many years to come”

The 2017 municipal budget in Avalon supports many local projects including the conclusion of the current phase of the back bay dredging project; the beach fill project that will provide resiliency and recreation; a new floor at Avalon Community Hall; an upgrade in equipment for emergency management purposes; and other essential projects.  Avalon also has new initiatives including the ability for the public to purchase seasonal beach tags through their smartphones on both Apple and Android platforms.