The Borough of Avalon has again achieved the lowest overall tax rate in Cape May County.  New certifications were released by the Cape May County Board of Taxation on Monday, July 16th.  Avalon has an overall combined tax rate of 48.8 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, the lowest combined tax rate in the County, and among the lowest in the State of New Jersey.

“Managing municipal finances is not an occasional task, but a daily task that requires smart planning and growth, long term financial planning, and living within your means”, said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi.  “This achievement is a testament to the diligent and cooperative efforts of the Borough Council Finance Committee that includes Councilmembers Dr. Nancy Hudanich and Chuck Covington, Borough Council, administration, and department heads who serve our taxpayers”.

The overall tax rate consists of municipal, open space, library, school, and county taxes.  The certification of the tax rate has recently occurred during the month of July due to the State of New Jersey adopting a state budget at or past its own self-imposed deadline.  Once the school aid is distributed to districts throughout the State, the overall tax rate can be certified.

In 2017, the Avalon Tax Assessor’s Office completed a reassessment of properties in the Borough.  The ratable base in the Borough of Avalon stands at $8.933 billion.  The Avalon Municipal Tax rate is 19.9 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation; the Borough reduced the municipal tax rate by 2.7 cents in 2018.

Avalon has approximately two dozen shared services agreements and private contracts that help reduce the tax burden.  Avalon has privatized solid waste, brush, and recycling collection; landscaping and grounds maintenance; and management of its water/sewer/storm water system.  The Borough has Shared Services Agreements with several other government entities, including a vehicle fleet maintenance agreement with the County of Cape May.  The Borough also shares its Chief Financial Officer and Court Administrator with neighboring Stone Harbor.  Avalon was delivered its independent audit of its finances; the audit provided no areas of improvement for the Borough.

The Borough will finance $5.3 million in capital projects this year; $2 million comes from the Cape May County Open Space Program for the construction of Surfside Park, which begins after Labor Day weekend.  The Borough has been the recent recipient of funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Jersey for various projects.

The public may view current and past municipal budgets at