The Borough of Avalon is providing this frequently asked questions information about the upcoming transition to mandatory, roll out trash and recycling carts.  This is provided to you as useful information as this conversation is anticipated to be approved in the 2023 Avalon municipal budget, and be implemented before next summer.  Certainly some dates and times are subject to change, and this FAQ will be updated when necessary.  We are excited to bring this program to our community as we keep Avalon a green and sustainable seashore community!  Avalon takes this opportunity to welcome Pinelands Recycling to town as our new trash/recycling contractor as of January 1, 2023.  Side yard return of trash and recycling cans resumes January 1, 2023.

Q:  Who will be responsible for collecting trash and recycling, and are there any changes in the schedule?

A:  Pinelands Recycling has been awarded a five-year contract to collect solid waste, recycling, and bulk trash starting January 1, 2023.  The collection schedule will remain the same with once per week collection during the off season, and twice per week collection during the summer.  Bulk trash will again be collected in May and in September.  Starting January 1st, side yard return of cans returns after being suspended in May, 2022.  Additionally, the Avalon Trash and Recycling Drop Off Center at Avalon Department of Public Works remains open, same schedule and hours.

Q:  I own a business and have two-yard containers.  Will the Borough continue to provide each business with a two yard containers?

A:  Yes.  If you currently have a two-yard container provided by the Borough, you will still be provided one.  The Borough’s current contractor, Gold Medal Environmental, will pull additional two-yard containers requested and paid for by businesses starting January 2, 2023.  Businesses and multi-family dwellings who currently have a two-yard container provided by the Borough should contact Pinelands Recycling; those who currently use additional two yard containers should contract with a waste hauler.  Additional information is provided here:

Q:  Avalon is transitioning to standard solid waste and recycling roll out carts.  Why are these carts beneficial to me?

A:  The roll out carts are made out of highly durable recycling products.  The carts can be used in tippers attached to trash and recycling trucks.  They are equipped with hinged lids, which keeps rainwater and sea birds out of the containers.  This keeps the Borough clean, and eliminates water weight that the Borough pays for via trash tipping fees.  Additionally, the cans come with ten-year warranties and have RDFI chips, serial numbers, and bar codes so cans can be returned to a property after a severe storm event.  The cans are on wheels and very easy to move over any terrain.  All carts will be kept in a database maintained by the Borough of Avalon in the event the cart is lost or there is breakage.

Q:  What do the cans look like, how big are they, how many do I get, and what do they cost?

A:  Every property owner receives one 95 gallon solid waste cart, and one 95 gallon recycling cart.  They are purchased by the Borough of Avalon, and remain the property of the Borough.  The Borough assigns one cart each to every property in the community.  Black carts are used for solid waste, blue carts for recycling.  A property owner is allowed to obtain one additional 95-gallon cart for a non-refundable deposit of $100; this cart is also assigned to the residence and not to the individual as they remain the property of the Borough of Avalon.  Carts of different sizes will be not be assigned to an individual property.

Q:  How much volume can a 95-gallon solid waste cart hold?

A:  A 95-gallon solid waste cart can hold approximately ten full bags of household trash.

Q:  I already have trash and recycling cans.  Can I refuse the Borough’s carts and use my own?

A:  No. Only solid waste and recyclables secured in the Borough-assigned carts will be collected when the program begins, anticipated in May, 2023.  Other cans commonly available at hardware stores provide safety issues when used with tipper mechanisms on trash trucks.  However, your existing cans can be used for brush collection.  If you no longer want your cans, the Borough will collect them for you on any Tuesday .  Simply call Public Works at (609) 967-7694 and provide your name, address, and how many cans you want removed by the Borough.  Kindly turn the can upside down and we will remove it for you.

Q:  The 95-gallon carts are too large and I want a smaller one.  Can I get one?

A:  Yes, but only after 60 days of trying the 95-gallon cart.  The Borough will swap out the 95-gallon carts for a 65-gallon cart only.  Please try the larger cart and you will likely find they are much easier to move than you may believe.  And if you don’t fill it every week, you can place the larger cart for collection every other week if that suits your schedule.  The 95-gallon carts hold about ten bags of household trash; the 65-gallon carts hold about six bags of trash.

Q:  When will the new carts be available, and how do I get them?

A:  The new carts will be delivered to your address this spring, and the cans must be used the Monday after Mother’s Day, May 15, 2023.  The carts will be placed on your property at a date to be determined.

Q:  What happens if my roll out cart is broken or damaged?

A:  Just let us know!  All carts come with a ten-year warranty and if they are broken during routine use (trash storage and collection), call the Avalon Department of Public Works and we will replace it for you.  However, if your cart is damaged for any other reason, you have an opportunity to reserve a new cart for your property with a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Q:  I love these carts!  Can I take them to my primary residence during the off season?

A:  Unfortunately no.  The carts remain the property of the Borough of Avalon and are not owned by the homeowner.  Even if you sell your house, your cart remains in Avalon as it is assigned to the property, and not to the individual.