2017 South Jersey Gas Project

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Project Update November 12, 2017

South Jersey Gas continues to complete work in Avalon as part of this upgrade project.  Gas mains have been completed between Dune Drive and Ocean Drive on 54th Street, 52nd Street, 51st Street, 50th Street, and 49th Street.  The tie in at 49th Street and Dune Drive will occur on Monday, November 13th.  Please check this website for updates as they become available.

Project Update October 26, 2017

As of Wednesday, October 25th, South Jersey Gas was making significant progress along a portion of Ocean Drive to replace natural gas mains.  Blocks that have been completed on Wednesday were 34th Street to 32nd Street to the corner of the southwest side of the Avalon Elementary School.  The gas main is complete from 43rd Street through 32nd Street except for the 3500 block, which is anticipated to be completed on Thursday, October 26th.


Project Update October 20, 2017

Lantier Construction is conducting the work for South Jersey Gas.  Lantier continues to move in a northerly direction along Ocean Drive.  As of Friday, October 20th, the project was at 39th Street and Ocean Drive and will proceed in a northerly route throughout the day.  Please exercise caution while driving and obey all traffic detours, thank you.

Project Update September 29, 2017

South Jersey Gas has provided to the Borough of Avalon a fact sheet, press release, and post card in advance of the infrastructure improvement project that will begin on or about October 10th, 2017.  If you are a property owner and you receive this postcard, please follow this improvement project and get in touch with South Jersey Gas.  The Borough of Avalon will continue to provide updates on this project as they become available.

South Jersey Gas Press Release Avalon Project 2017


Project Update September 22, 2017

Avalon officials held a pre-construction meeting with South Jersey Gas on Thursday, September 21st to plan the gas main improvement project to be conducted by South Jersey Gas.  At the meeting was Lantier Construction, who was awarded the contract by South Jersey Gas to perform the upgrades throughout the Borough of Avalon.  South Jersey Gas has submitted the necessary permits to conduct the work in the Borough.

The project will still result in approximately 22,000 feet of new gas main service in the Borough of Avalon.  The overall scope of the project includes some streets from 22nd Street south to 62nd Street; a portion of Ocean Drive will get all new gas service from 27th Street south to 43rd Street.  Lantier Construction will be working with the Borough’s contractor on the water/sewer project, Mathis Construction, and with the County’s contractor for the improvements/resurfacing along Ocean Drive.

Work is expected to begin immediately after Columbus Day weekend on Tuesday, October 10th.  The project will likely take until the end of the year to finish.  If there are significant weather delays, it could go into early 2018.  There will be base paving done at various street openings for the project; depending on weather conditions and acceleration of the project work, the final paving will be done either well before Memorial Day weekend, with a few spots possibly remaining in the Fall, 2018.  Appropriate settlement of the base paving must occur before the final paving is done.

South Jersey Gas intends to mail out post cards next week to members of the public who will be affected by this project; over 400 customers will be affected.  There will also be various door hangars hung on properties.  South Jersey Gas will make every attempt to contact property owners via telephone, email, etc, to alert them that work will be done outside of their properties.  Property owners do not have to be home when the gas service is briefly interrupted; they, or a property manager, will have to be at the residence for the resumption of gas service.   The gas main work will take about 25 days, with various repairs and connections also adding to that timeline.

Work will be conducted only Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 5:00pm, with no weekend work.  Work will be suspended during the Thanksgiving break in Avalon as many property owners return, and use, their properties.

Please read below for additional information.  South Jersey Gas will also issue a media advisory at the end of the month for the media and for the general public.  When the Borough receives copies of the post card and door hangar both will be posted on this website.

Project Summary/Gas Main Improvement Project Borough of Avalon

South Jersey Gas is the utility that delivers natural gas service to the Borough of Avalon. South Jersey Gas has approached Avalon regarding a major infrastructure improvement project that will increase reliability and safety while reducing the number of fire calls to check on gas service following a major storm event.
South Jersey Gas is currently improving gas service in other communities by converting the service to high pressure gas. This service is already in place in Avalon. However, the four and two inch pipe that is currently in place is bare steel or wrapped steel and is nearing the end of its functionality. South Jersey Gas intends to replace this pipe with plastic pipe that will last for many decades to come. Over 20,000 feet of new pipe will be replaced in Avalon with over 450 customers affected.

The utility intends to award the contract soon to a contractor who has experience working in Avalon. The work schedule is intended to start in September, and if the project moves smoothly, it could be finished before Christmas, 2017. The Borough of Avalon will have field inspectors, at the expense of South Jersey Gas, on site to monitor the project for safety purposes and to be ensure that repairs to the street and infrastructure are conducted per the specifications in place in Avalon.

The map above notes the project work area that will be done in Avalon. This may be the first phase of a multi-phase project where South Jersey Gas returns to the Borough in future years to replace its infrastructure.

The project is expected to be a Monday through Thursday operation. The contractor will be made aware of Avalon’s busier weekends which include Columbus and Thanksgiving weekends where special events are held in Avalon. South Jersey Gas will work with the Borough and County contractors in coordination for the portion of this project that will take place along Ocean Drive (see map for details).

As connections are made to homes, the interruption in gas service to a customer would be between two to five hours. Customers will not need to be present at their properties for gas shut offs, but will have to be present, or have a property manager present, for the resumption of gas service.
South Jersey Gas will initiate a program that involves door hangars and post cards direct mailed to property owners about the project. The utility will be responsible for coordinating with property owners for the turn on of the gas service when the work is done. Properties will not be without gas service for the winter, even if the customer is not available to have someone present for the resumption of gas service. The utility will also be responsible to restore the public right of way in front of the customers’ homes to pre-existing conditions.
Property owners who have questions about this project may call South Jersey Gas directly at (609) 465-2900, and simply reference the “Avalon Project”.

The Borough will provide updates on this project as soon as they are available.