April 20, 2018-Avalon Holds Pre-Construction Meeting on Sewer Project

The Borough of Avalon held a pre-construction meeting regarding the 76th Street Sanitary Improvement Project.   The successful bidder on the project is West Bay Construction; the project will be supervised by Avalon’s municipal engineering firm of Mott MacDonald.

The project will result in the replacement of the sewer main on 76th Street east to the southbound lane of Dune Drive.  The current sewer main has various performance issues and this project will address them.  The Notice to Proceed Project was given to West Bay on April 20th, 2018.  It is expected that West Bay will begin the work on the sewer project during the month of May.  The majority of the actual main project could be completed before Memorial Day weekend with only laterals needed to be replaced after Memorial Day weekend.

The schedule of the project will be Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm.  No work is expected on weekends.  No work will also take place on the Friday through Monday of Memorial Day weekend.  There will be construction work on the street during the project.  Please observe traffic notices in the neighborhood.  West Bay will be putting door hangars on doors of residential properties alerting owners to the construction work.  When the project is in front of a residential property, no parking provisions will be in place.  Property owners will have access to their driveways at all times.  No sewer, lateral, water service, gas service, etc will allowed be out of service to any property owner overnight; the contractor shall maintain all existing flows during the project.

Updates on the construction will be posted when necessary.